Road traffic accident claims

Road traffic accident compensation claims

Injured in a road traffic accident in the UK or abroad? The vast majority of personal injury claims that Slater and Gordon deal with are handled for our clients on a No Win No Fee basis, so there's no financial risk involved.

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Slater and Gordon is one of the UK's leading law firms in road traffic accident claims. We'll provide you with the best possible legal representation and help you get the compensation you deserve. Start your new claim today - register your details on micase.

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Road traffic accidents

Who can claim for road traffic accident injuries?

It isn't just drivers who can claim for injuries sustained on the road. Road traffic accidents (RTA) can cause injuries to all sorts of people, including innocent bystanders; so our friendly and approachable legal experts are always happy to discuss every case, without obligation.

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The way in which you make a claim for personal injury as a result of a road traffic accident has changed. The new Government regulations apply to all claims for road traffic accidents occurring on or after the 31st May 2021. The new process affects the value of your injury as well as the way in which it is processed. Slater and Gordon can help guide you through the new process to a successful outcome. The vast majority of personal injury claims that Slater Gordon deal with are still handled for our clients on a no win no fee basis so there no financial risk involved. Continue reading to find out more.

What is my road accident claim worth?

The amount of road traffic accident compensation you might receive can vary significantly depending on the injury you have sustained. Slater and Gordon are specialists in claiming for everything from fairly minor to serious injuries.

One common form of injury from car accidents is whiplash, but even this varies in degrees of severity. Find out more about whiplash claims.

Begin your road traffic accident claim

The first step in finding out if you have a claim is to speak to our friendly team of road traffic accident solicitors, who can help you through the process from start to finish.

We will gather information from you about the accident and quickly be able to assess the best way that we can help you. If we then take your case forward there will be someone there every step of the way.

No Win No Fee road traffic accident claims

The vast majority of our claims for road traffic accidents are conducted on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that we bare all the upfront costs, meaning that there will only be a fee if we win your case, so you will never be out of pocket.

What can I claim for after a road traffic accident?

As well as the costs of any medical bills, lost income and vehicle repairs there are a variety of different elements you can claim for. The amount of compensation tends to vary on the seriousness of the injury sustained and how much they affect your life.

Can I claim compensation for a road traffic accident that was partly my fault?

It’s worth contacting us if you where in a road traffic accident, even if you could be partly to blame.

To be able to claim compensation, you will need to be able to prove that the accident was someone else’s fault or of an organisation. If you where entirely at fault for the accident, it’s unlikely you will be able to make a claim. If you where partly to blame, you may be able to make a road traffic accident compensation claim.

micase for whiplash injuries

Under the new, government process, this service is conducted through an online portal, therefore any updates on your case will be given via the micase portal which you can log onto at any time to check the progress.

One of the factors involved in how long your case will take is whether or not the other party accepts responsibility for the accident and how long their representatives take to respond. We will keep you updated of progress via the portal when anything material happens with your claim.

If you have a whiplash injury as a result of a road traffic accident, you can bring the claim yourself as a Litigant in Person. However, there are challenges which may be faced when representing yourself as a Litigant in Person, and it may be a stressful and complex process.

That's why we've introduced the micase RTA platform - an innovative, self-service, online claims portal which provides you with legal advice and representation from experts on a No Win No Fee basis, so you don't have to worry about having to represent yourself or ending up out of pocket.

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Joseph was hit by an SUV when he was crossing the road.

After the driver denied being at fault and tried to blame Joseph, he was faced with a fight for justice.

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