At Slater and Gordon Lawyers we recognise that we have an economic, environmental and social impact that goes beyond our core activity. Our corporate social responsibility programme is an important part of who we are and is designed to ensure this overall impact is a positive one.

As a firm we value inspiration, innovation and individual contributions. We treat our clients, and each other, with mutual respect and trust. We bring this approach to our CSR programme and aim to ensure all our people have the opportunity to get involved to help them develop to their full potential and be responsible citizens.

Our CSR programme has four key areas:

  • Health Projects and Research Funds
  • Pro bono
  • Community
  • Environment

Health Projects and Research Funds

For more than 80 years Slater and Gordon has worked for social and economic justice in the community. We are committed to preventing illness and injury from occurring and where this is not possible, advocating for the best possible care and treatment for those affected.

Historically we have channelled philanthropic activities through two mechanisms in Australia; the Slater and Gordon Research Fund and the Slater and Gordon Asbestos Research Fund. Last year, the latter of the two (which had since 2005 donated over $1million AUD to research projects) was expanded and re-launched in both the UK and Australia as the Health Projects and Research Fund.

The announcement of a new fund in the UK was made at a policy forum in Westminster early last year. The international fund committed to providing more than £1million ($2million AUD) in grants to health organisations and research bodies across the UK and Australia by 2020. 

The fund offers support to health and research projects that commit to improving the treatment, care and/or quality of life of people in the UK and Australia. The focus of the fund is on those projects that benefit people affected by asbestos related diseases, occupational caused cancers and catastrophic injuries to primarily the brain and spine. The projects receiving funding demonstrate significant potential to make a difference to the lives of those affected by these injury or illness areas.

Pro bono                                     

Our lawyers undertake a wide range of pro bono (i.e. free) legal advice as part of their commitment to the wider community. This ranges from sorting leases for local parish councils to working on legal advice lines and taking on high profile individual pro bono cases.

Community involvement

As a firm dedicated to upholding the legal rights of individuals, we strive to use our skills and expertise to support others in our community. Our community programme supports organisations that promote access to justice and social inclusion and those providing vital services to some of the people we have helped with our legal work.


At Slater and Gordon Lawyers we are constantly striving to help reduce our impact on the environment. We always aim to be proactive in cutting our consumption rather than just reacting to legislation.