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Seeking redress from a large business or corporate entity can be hard if you try to go it alone. That’s why many people and organisations join a Group Action, to seek the strength in numbers they need to get justice or simply compensation from a larger adversary. A Group Litigation Order (GLO) may be your best chance of success, as our experienced litigation lawyers explain.

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Is group litigation the same as a class action?

Group litigation is the official term for a collective legal action taken by a number of people or organisations, usually when seeking a resolution or compensation from a single corporate entity. This is what's known as a 'class action' in the USA, though that term is never used in the UK courts.

In order to commence group litigation, the courts of England and Wales must grant a Group Litigation Order (GLO), which gives an action the full sanction of the courts and thus allows all participants to act as a collective.

This enables costs and risks to be shared amongst those participating in the group litigation. Just as importantly, participants can pool knowledge as well as resources, and nominate those with the strongest evidence of wrongdoing to act as ‘lead cases’ on behalf of the group.

As you might expect, this is a very specialised area of the law. So if you wish to seek a Group Litigation Order (GLO), you should speak to our experienced Group Litigation Lawyers about actions in all of these areas:

Having said all that, we may also be able to help you to take a collective approach to seeking justice even where a GLO has not been granted. Talk with one of our group litigation experts by calling 0161 830 9632. Or simply contact us and we will be happy to call you and discuss your situation without obligation.

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