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Domestic violence during COVID-19

Our experienced and expert family solicitors are here to help guide you through a wide range of family law issues. We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about domestic violence that our family law team have received during this time of uncertainty.

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Who do I call if I am a victim of domestic violence?

In the usual way, please call 999 as the police are continuing to respond to all emergency calls.

What if I am unable to speak (due to fear) when I call 999?

If you are unable to talk once you are through to emergency services, then press 55 and the police will respond.

Silent solution 55 is the name given to the initiative that allows people to call 999 even when they are not able to speak.

If it is dangerous for you to make any sound at all, the call will be put through and you will be asked to press 55 if you are in danger.

What is classed as domestic violence?

The most obvious form of domestic violence is physical violence. However, domestic violence also includes sexual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, online abuse, economic abuse and coercive control.

The Government has instructed everyone to stay at home. Does this apply to victims of domestic violence too?

These government rules do not apply to victims of domestic violence. If you are afraid of staying at home, you are able to leave your home without a penalty being imposed upon you.

If I have to leave my home because I have suffered domestic violence or I’m afraid that I will suffer from domestic violence – where can I go?

All refuges remain open – but you can also go to any other safe place, such as your parents’ home, the home of your friends or even the home of your neighbour.

I am living with my partner in a difficult environment – what can I do to protect myself?

The UK charity Refuge recommends that you should always keep your mobile phone charged and with you. It is also recommended that if your partner becomes violent before you are able to leave the property – then avoid going into the kitchen or garage, as these rooms have potential weapons to hand.

Can I take my children with me if I need to leave my home?

Yes, you can take your children with you when you leave.

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