If you’ve suffered an injury caused by someone else’s negligence, Slater and Gordon Lawyers can help. Our personal injury solicitors can assist you in making a No Win No Fee claim, providing you with the legal advice and support you need.

We’re professional and sensitive in our approach, meaning you can have complete confidence in us. To find out how you can make a No Win No Fee claim, you can call us on freephone 0808 175 8000 or complete our online contact form. This service is 100% free & confidential.

What does No Win No Fee mean?

‘No Win No Fee’ means that if you bring a claim for compensation but it’s unsuccessful, you will not be required to pay your solicitor for the work they have done. Also referred to as a Conditional Fee Agreement, it’s a legally binding, contractual arrangement between you (the claimant) and your solicitor. At Slater and Gordon, 98% of our personal injury claims are funded by this type of agreement.

How does No Win No Fee work?

This type of agreement means that your solicitor is willing to offer you a service to cover all the legal aspects of your case. You will not pay any upfront costs, so if your case is unsuccessful, it will be at no financial risk to you.

If your case is successful the other party will pay your solicitors’ costs as well as your compensation. However, a payment known as a ‘success fee’ may be payable by you. The success fee you pay is usually calculated as a proportion of the compensation you receive if your case is successful. Your solicitor will discuss this proportion with you prior to you signing the Conditional Fee Agreement.

What does a No Win No Fee agreement include?

You’ll receive a formal, legally binding document that explains your No Win No Fee / Conditional Fee Agreement between you and your solicitor. This document will be written in clear, plain language and it must be signed by you before it becomes a legal contract. It’s important that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your agreement before you sign on the dotted line.

Your agreement document will include a number of details, including:

An estimate of your total costs

Your solicitor will provide you with an estimate of how much they expect your total legal costs to be if your case is successful. You’ll also be given a breakdown of how these costs are calculated, as well as how and when they are payable.

The definition of a ‘win’

Your agreement will also include a definition of the term ‘win’. This can mean many different things, but it usually refers to a successful outcome. The document will set out the conditions that need to be met in order for your claim to be considered a win.

What happens if you want to end the agreement

You’re entitled to end your agreement at any time, and your document will outline what happens if you choose to do so. For example, the document may state that your solicitor has the right to decide whether you should pay any charges for the work they have completed up to the point that the agreement ends.

Do you have legal expense insurance?

Legal expense insurance provides you with cover for any costs you may incur as a result of seeking legal advice should you need it. You may have this insurance already but don’t realise it as it’s sometimes offered as an additional benefit when you open a bank account, or you may have it as part of another insurance policy you have purchased. Your solicitor can review your policies when they take on your case.

This insurance can often be used instead of a No Win No Fee agreement, providing you with another way of funding your claim. However, it’s important that you check the details of your policy to find out the legal advice it covers.

How do you make a No Win No Fee claim?

To make a No Win No Fee claim, start by getting in touch with our solicitors at Slater and Gordon. If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible to make a claim, our experts are on hand to offer you the advice you need. You can discuss the details of your situation with our experts in complete confidence, and we’ll advise you whether or not you’re able to make a claim.
It’s important to note that the majority of personal injury and accident claims must be made within three years. So, if you think you’re entitled to compensation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why should you choose Slater and Gordon?

Slater and Gordon care about clients. If you’ve been injured, we’re here to help. We can tell you how successful your claim is likely to be, and if you decide to go ahead with your case, we’ll stay in close contact with you throughout the whole process from start to finish.

Our specialist team of No Win No Fee solicitors have the knowledge and resources to assist you with your claim in a professional and timely manner, providing you with the support you need. You can have total confidence that our experts will treat your case with compassion and sensitivity at all times.

For a consultation, get in touch with us. You can reach us on freephone 0808 175 8000. Our contact centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Alternatively, complete our online contact form and we’ll be in touch at a time that suits you.

We are one of the largest personal injury law firms in the UK, and we have offices throughout the UK in Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

Many of our solicitors are members of reputable bodies, including Action Against Medical Accidents, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers, the Law Society Personal Injury Panel and the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel.