Our values and culture

Slater and Gordon Values

With a network of complementary businesses and services, we support our customers through some of life’s biggest moments – whether planned or unplanned. From helping them to get back on the road after an accident to making sure they get the best care and compensation after an injury, or even guiding them through a divorce.

Whatever the moment, our team of 2000 dedicated professionals is there to make life less stressful and deliver justice to those in need. 

Like all great companies, we strive to recruit the best staff, we uphold the highest legal standards and have best in class expertise.  Being technically gifted or the brightest legal mind isn’t the only thing we look for in our colleagues. We hire people who challenge process that no longer work and remove the roadblocks that prevent us from loving our jobs and delivering outstanding customer service.  Our people bring something a little different.

Of course we value the things like integrity, collaboration, respect, inclusivity and performance.  But at Slater and Gordon we go further with our values. How we work is guided by the S+G Way.

This means that:

  • We do what we say we will
  • We don’t wait we create
  • We own it, we sort it
  • We respect and encourage each other
  • We make time to live


Real values

Many companies have value statements, but we think these written values are vague and hard to apply to day to day working life.  The S+G Way defines more specific behaviours and actions that our colleagues and our customers care about the most.

We do what we say we will

We know that when we keep people informed, they can trust us, they feel in control and can make the best possible decisions. It sounds simple but ensuring people know exactly what’s happening and keeping our word is everything to us

We don't wait, we create

We want to solve challenges, big and small. To do that, we are curious, we look for new ways of doing things, and strive for the best possible results

We own it, we sort it

We use our initiative to make sure we get things done. When we see a problem, we solve it, together. It’s about taking responsibility, not just for ourselves, but for our colleagues, our customers and our business.

We respect and encourage each other

We all have a part to play. When we listen, support and appreciate each other we create a place where everyone can be themselves, perform at their best, and grow each day. By using our collective power we can bring out the best in ourselves and others.

We make time to live

Personal lives really matter.  We are proud of the difference our work can make to our customers lives. At work we strive to create an environment where everyone can flourish and have time to enjoy life, because we know that happy people are more committed and creative.


We know it’s easy to write values, but we know it’s harder to live and breathe them.

At S+G we want everyone to help each other and hold each other responsible for role modelling the ways. We know this is a continuous aspirational journey.

The more this sounds like you, and describes people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive with us at S+G – visit our jobs page to find out more about working here.