Slater and Gordon has been a leading provider of expert consumer legal services in the UK since 2012. During that time, Slater and Gordon has earned a reputation for its determined pursuit of justice on behalf of tens of thousands of people every year who are faced with a range of legal needs.

The company has been responsible for a number of landmark legal victories which resulted in changes to the law, including winning a Court of Appeal judgement to extend bereavement damages for unmarried people (Smith v Lancashire Teaching Hospitals [2017] EWCA Civ 1916) and helping redefine vicarious liability after a Supreme Court win for a client severely injured during a school swimming lesson (Woodland v Essex County Council).

Lawyers from Slater and Gordon have also helped achieve successful outcomes for clients involved in many high profile legal battles, such as securing victory for dozens of victims of rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson and many survivors of sexual abuse – including victims of Jimmy Savile and the Rochdale grooming scandal.

It is a passionate advocate for extending people’s access to justice and has spearheaded a number of campaigns, including calling to introduce a mandatory reporting law to make it a criminal offence for people in positions of authority to turn a blind eye to allegations of sexual abuse.


Slater and Gordon was founded in Australia in 1935, where it quickly developed a reputation for its strong sense of social justice. It became the first law firm in the world to list publicly when it floated on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2007.

Having established itself as the pre-eminent provider of consumer legal services in Australia, Slater and Gordon arrived in the UK in 2012.

It was granted a licence from the Solicitors Regulation Authority on 27th April 2012. In the same year, Slater and Gordon acquired Russell Jones and Walker (RJW) which shared many of its values and qualities.

RJW was founded in 1927 and became well-known for delivering outstanding services to clients. Like Slater and Gordon during the decades earlier, RJW forged strong links with the trade union movement while working tirelessly to advance workers’ rights.

Following RJW, Marrons J, Goodmans Law, Fenton’s, John Pickering and Partners, Pannone, become part of Slater and Gordon. Then the claimant personal injury practice of Flint Bishop, Walker Smith Way Legal, and the personal injury and court of protection practices of Taylor Vintner, also joined Slater and Gordon group.

In 2015, Slater and Gordon acquired the professional services division (PSD) of Quindell, a law firm and insurance claims processing business. It specialised in end-to-end support for fast track personal injury claimants - particularly for those involved in motor accidents – including medical expertise and additional insurance products and services.

This expansion meant Slater and Gordon became the UK’s largest provider of consumer legal services, offering a broad range of specialisms, including family and employment law and personal injury legal expertise.

In 2017, Slater and Gordon was acquired by new owners, led by Anchorage Capital.

In December that year, Slater and Gordon separated from its sister company in Australia to become an independent, private firm in the UK with its own board and leadership team.

In May 2018, Slater and Gordon announced plans to invest £30million in technology and digitising legal services in a move to strengthen its position as the UK’s number one provider of consumer law expertise and increase people’s access to justice.

Today, Slater and Gordon is one of the UK’s largest provider of consumer legal services, with offices in a number of locations across England, Scotland and Wales.

Its mission is to make it easy for people in the UK to access quality legal services at a fair price.

The firm prides itself on delivering highly professional, affordable and fiercely independent legal services.