Slater and Gordon Lawyers started in Australia and was the world’s first publicly listed law firm. Slater and Gordon in Australia is a law firm that was founded in 1935 by William Slater, a man with a strong sense of social justice.

Slater and Gordon’s name perpetuates the memory of its founders. The enduring name is a reminder of the ethos that underpinned the founding of the firm – values which have been maintained and continue to drive the firm and its growth.

Slater and Gordon was granted a license from the Solicitors Regulation Authority on 27th April 2012 and in February 2012 Slater and Gordon acquired Russell Jones and Walker (RJW) subsequently Fenton’s, Pannone, Goodmans Law, Marrons, John Pickering and Partners, the claimant personal injury practice of Flint Bishop, Walker Smith Way Legal and the personal injury and court of protection practices of Taylor Vintner have all become part of Slater and Gordon.

Slater and Gordon is committed to becoming the largest and most trusted provider of personal legal services in the UK. Having this synergy between the firms which have come together as Slater and Gordon has meant that we are able to build on the service excellence and continue to provide outstanding legal services to our clients.

Today, Slater and Gordon is Australia’s largest consumer law firm. From a small office in 1935, Slater and Gordon now operates in approximately 75 locations across Australia, more than any other law firm. The firm still prides itself on delivering highly professional, affordable and fiercely independent legal services. From its humble beginnings in the railways union office it is now building on the reputation and work of the legacy firms in the UK with an aim to be the largest consumer law firm in the UK.