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Many workers are employed temporarily through agencies rather than directly and permanently. The flexibility of temporary work can be appealing to many people, but agency workers typically enjoy less substantial employment rights than equivalent permanent employees. Although you may work as hard and contribute as much as a permanent employee, employers often take advantage of the temporary status of agency employees.

Agency workers should know that they do have rights, and that those rights are improving. Under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010, temporary workers who have been placed in a role by a temporary work agency are entitled to certain rights from day one, and acquire a large proportion of the rights enjoyed by permanent employees after 12 weeks of continuous service with the same employer.

Despite these rights, many agency workers are treated substantially less favourably than permanent employees and are denied benefits ranging from access to the canteen through to pay, duration of working hours, night work, rest periods, rest breaks and annual leave. Frequently this is because neither employers nor employees are aware of the rights of agency workers.

If you feel your employer or the agency that placed you is short-changing you in terms of your rights, do get in touch with one of our employment solicitors to discuss your situation. We can assist you in clarifying what your rights are in your situation, and if necessary work with you to ensure that your rights are addressed appropriately.

For more details about your legal rights, see our legal advice guide for agency workers which you can download and print.

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