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Funding Secured for Mercedes Collective Action

We’re pleased to announce that funding has been received to support the progress of our Mercedes emissions claim where thousands of claimants are seeking to hold Mercedes accountable for their actions.

18 June 2021

Man sitting in Mercedes

Litigation funder Asertis have announced their commitment to fund our clients’ claims against Mercedes for manufacturing vehicles that are alleged to not meet strict emissions laws. We’re delighted to partner with Asertis, who’ve recently joined the Association of Litigation Funders. Their commitment to the Mercedes collective action will see our clients able to commit substantial resources to litigate their claims and also means that claimants will not have to pay any money upfront to participate in the claim.

What’s happened so far in the Mercedes claim?

More than 50,000 current or former Mercedes owners have registered for the claim with Slater and Gordon to hold Mercedes accountable for their alleged misleading and unlawful behaviour. We’re currently issuing thousands of claims in the High Court in England and Wales for those whose vehicles have been affected by the scandal and whose limitation dates are approaching. We also have a separate claim running in Scotland.

Our clients’ claims follow the KBA’s decisions to issue a mandatory recall of affected vehicles and an order for Mercedes to remove unlawful defeat devices. Despite unsuccessfully resisting that recall order, Mercedes is complying with the KBA’s demands. We understand Mercedes will now need to initiate court action in Germany if it wants to further challenge the KBA’s decision. Mercedes currently denies the claims our clients are advancing in this jurisdiction meaning litigation is unavoidable.

In 2020 Slater and Gordon’s clients were successful in a ground-breaking preliminary trial against Volkswagen following the KBA’s order to recall and remove unlawful defeat device software in 1.2 million UK vehicles. Our clients established that the software was in fact a defeat device and that the KBA’s order binds the UK courts. Slater and Gordon was appointed as a joint Lead Solicitor in the VW NOx Emissions Group Litigation and represents over 70,000 clients in that claim.

Why choose Slater and Gordon for your Mercedes emission claim?

We believe that vehicle manufacturers should be held responsible for their actions if they are found to have manufactured vehicles that do not comply with emissions regulations when driven on the road. Millions of people purchased their vehicles on the basis that they were compliant with emissions regulations and will be shocked to find out that they may be unwittingly contributing to polluting the atmosphere and have over-paid for their vehicles.

Read more about the health impact of dieselgate

We’re experts in emissions claims, having been appointed Joint Lead Lawyers on the Volkswagen Emissions Collective Action, where we represented 70,000 of the 90,000 claimants in what is thought to be the largest group action in British legal history, we’re extremely well placed to represent you in your claim against Mercedes.

We're acting on a 'No Win, No Fee' agreement, meaning there's no cost to join our claim and if we’re not successful, you won’t need to pay our fees. If the claim is successful, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds and compensation. Claimants who are eligible to bring claims under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations may be eligible for a refund of between 25% and 100% of the value of their vehicle if their claim is successful.

Discover whether your vehicle is eligible to join the claim in just a few minutes by clicking on our online eligibility checker below.

For more information on the Mercedes emissions scandal visit our FAQ page.

Update May 2022:

In May 2022, Slater and Gordon successfully secured a significant financial settlement of behalf of around 70,000 diesel vehicle owners in the collective action claim we led against the VW Group. Read more about it here.

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