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More recalls added to Mercedes dieselgate scandal

Mercedes is at the centre of a growing environmental scandal, after more of its vehicles sold as clean and fuel efficient, were found to have emissions cheating software. Thousands are pursuing a Mercedes diesel claim and demanding answers from the company amid claims it conspired with other German manufacturers to delay the roll out of clean emissions technology.

11 February 2021

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The Mercedes emissions scandal continues to take the limelight after more of its “cleanest and most efficient” engines were found to have emissions cheating software.

The car maker is one of the latest manufacturers to be plunged into the ‘dieselgate’ scandal after the German regulator discovered so-called ‘defeat devices’, which enable polluting engines to get around clean air tests.

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), ordered Mercedes-Benz to recall a further 113,000 cars worldwide to remove the offending software. With more models added to the list of recalls, a growing number of consumers are demanding Mercedes-Benz to come clean about the environmental damage caused by their cars.

What Mercedes models are affected?

Previously, the focus of Mercedes diesel claim eligibility was centred on models made between 2012 and 2018. The KBA has ordered Mercedes-Benz to recall some of its most popular models, including:

  • CLS
  • C-Class
  • E-Class
  • G-Class
  • GLC
  • GLE
  • GLK
  • M-Class
  • S-Class
  • SLK
  • SLC
  • Sprinter
  • Vito

According to the International Council on Clean Transportation’s June 2019 report, when several of the defeat devices and design limitations are combined, Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions for a Mercedes C-Class car are as much as 20 times the type-approval limit.

Due to the latest intervention, the list has vastly expanded to also include models of the A, B, C, E and S class with Euro 5 diesel engines manufactured between 2008 to 2011 –greatly increasing the number of cars affected by the dieselgate scandal.

News of the apparent collusion between Mercedes, VW and BMW in a ‘technology suppression cartel’ aimed at delaying the implementation of better, but more costly, clean emissions technology, an issue the EU Commission is investigating, has angered customers further.

What answers are consumers demanding from Mercedes?

The cheating devices installed within the cars have mislead consumers on the true environmental impact of their vehicle. Having spoken to those who’ve issued a claim against Mercedes, customers are furious with how the once reputable company have handled the situation.

Mercedes boasted that the BlueTEC engine achieves a massive reduction in emissions, making it “one of the world’s cleanest and most efficient power units”. This claim caught the attention of environmentally conscious consumers who were sold on false messaging.

Zohul Malikzada, of West London, said: “I’m environmentally conscious, I have two young children and I care deeply about the air we all breathe.

“So I bought this Mercedes-Benz because it was sold as a clean, fuel efficient car. To learn that it might be fitted with software which cheats emissions tests is extremely disappointing, not to mention very worrying – what pollutants has it been producing while I’ve been driving?”

Veena Taak, another customer making a Mercedes diesel claim after discovering she owned two of the affected vehicles, said: “I bought these cars – and paid a premium - on the basis they would be environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable.

“I specifically bought BlueEFFICIENCY and BlueTEC models because I cared about the air me, my children and everyone else breathe. It’s distressing to hear now that my cars could have been fitted with software that meant they emitted high levels of toxic fumes and pollutants.

“The more troubling issue is the way Mercedes-Benz has handled this – they have an obligation to be open and honest, but it doesn’t feel like it’s coming clean with consumers about what’s happening with our cars.”

Having agreed to pay fines in other countries, parent company Daimler continues to refuse to compensate consumers in the UK leaving them in the dark about why they’ve been misled and what action the corporate giants are making to regain trust and confidence.

How can Slater and Gordon help with your Mercedes Benz claim?

Slater and Gordon are the leading experts in Emissions claims having been appointed as a Lead Solicitor in the ground-breaking VW Emissions Litigation and have recently secure a massive victory in court against the car giant by proving that it fitted cheat devices in over 1.2 million UK vehicles. We’re now preparing a similar case against Mercedes.

We believe the false pretences upon which customers have been sold these vehicles is unacceptable. Our expert knowledge in collective actions will support the strength of our lawyers’ argument that consumers have been lied to regarding the environmental compliance of their vehicles.

We’re currently supporting those effected by the scandal with over 45,000 people keen to hold Mercedes accountable with Slater and Gordon. Our experts estimate that as many as 600,000 cars could be impacted in the UK alone.

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