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The VW NOx emissions group litigation

Slater and Gordon is leading the VW NOx emission group litigation on behalf of a group of over 90,000 affected car owners, including individuals and businesses. Our clients claim that the VW Group knowingly and falsely stated that vehicles fitted with ‘defeat device’ software, which could detect emissions testing, complied with EU Emissions Regulations when this wasn’t the case. Our clients as a result are seeking damages from the VW Group stretching into hundreds of millions of pounds, in what is the largest consumer group action this country has ever seen.

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Where’s the litigation up to?

In March 2020, the High Court handed down judgement in the preliminary issues trial that took place in December and our clients have been successful on both issues the Court was asked to consider. Although this is an important step towards concluding this claim, it’s not the end of the litigation.

A further trial to determine liability of VW for deceit and the other claims our clients are brining, together with a decision if any compensation is to be paid to the claimants, will likely be heard in 2022.

We send updates to all our clients on a quarterly basis to the email address provided to us.

We’re also bringing a claim in Scotland for affected vehicle owners. Click here for more details and to register your interest in joining the claim.

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