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We frequently help employees make successful part-time or flexible working requests, and our Solicitors negotiate on behalf of people whose requests are refused. If you are experiencing any difficulties relating to flexible work, including discrimination in comparison to full-time staff, we can help.

In recognition of the unfair treatment experienced by many part-time workers, in 2000 the government introduced new laws to protect part-time workers from suffering a disadvantage as a result of working part-time. This could include a difference in contract terms, or being subject to some other detriment, for example if you are denied a promotion because of your part-time work status.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers can provide you with expert legal advice and represent you if you feel that you are being treated less favourably due to your part-time status. We take care to ensure you are fully aware of your legal rights and your employer’s legal obligations.

We can also provide legal advice on your legal right to ask for flexible working. In addition, because many of the people who want to work flexibly are women, a refusal to agree to flexible working, or detrimental treatment of those working flexibly, can often amount to indirect sex discrimination.

Equally, a refusal of an application for flexible working by a man in circumstances where a woman’s application would have been allowed can also amount to sex discrimination. As discrimination experts we are ideally positioned to give you detailed and practical advice on these difficult issues.

Immediate legal representation is available anywhere in the UK.

Legal Advice Guide on Working Part Time

Our printable legal advice guide for part-time workers explains how the law protects and affects people working part-time; see Part Time Workers.

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