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The Mercedes-Benz emissions scandal

We’ve launched a collective action on behalf of Mercedes owners who’ve been affected by the cheating software which was installed into their vehicles engine and was designed to defeat pollution tests.

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Man in Mercedes car about to start the engine.

An update about our Mercedes Benz collective action

Please note that you can no longer retain us for this action if you are a new client. However, if you already started the registration process, please complete it by logging onto your account.

For existing clients please contact us here

Existing Clients

What have Mercedes-Benz done?

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) found that Mercedes installed a cheating software in their diesel engines that limited emissions readings during vehicle emissions testing and therefore misrepresenting the actual emissions during real-world driving meaning they didn’t comply with EU regulatory requirements.

The KBA has now ordered Mercedes to recall around 90,000 vehicles in England and Wales, with the manufacturer having also recalled hundreds of thousands more vehicles on a voluntary basis. Despite this finding, Mercedes deny they have done anything unlawful.

For more information on the background of the Mercedes claim and which vehicles are eligible to join, visit our FAQ page.

Why choose Slater and Gordon for your Mercedes-Benz diesel claim?

Slater and Gordon are leading experts in Collective Actions and emissions claims. We were appointed joint Lead Lawyers on the Volkswagen Emissions collective action where we successfully reached a significant financial settlement for our clients. We acted on behalf of over 71,000 of the 91,000 claims, which is thought to be the largest Collective Action in British legal history in terms of number of Claimants.

We want to provide you with the same opportunity to claim against Mercedes.

Why should I join the Mercedes-Benz claim?

We consider it to be unacceptable that customers have been sold vehicles which do not comply with emissions regulations.

In the Mercedes emissions claim, we’ll be arguing that affected vehicles produce levels of NOx that are higher than the law permits, when driven on the road. NOx is a combination of the pollutants Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide and has been associated with, amongst other things acid rain, global warming, and respiratory conditions, such as childhood asthma. We believe manufacturers should adhere to the rules limiting the amount of pollution their vehicles emit. That’s why we’re suing Volkswagen, and that’s why we think Mercedes also have a case to answer.

During Cop26, Mercedes were among other manufacturers to have signed a pledge to only sell zero-emissions vehicles by 2035 in 'leading markets'. But what about the damage already caused by Mercedes when they installed emissions cheating devices into vehicles, which caused irreversible environmental damage?

We're standing with those who're refusing to turn a blind eye and are holding Mercedes accountable for their actions.

As well as the environmental and ethical reasons for holding Mercedes to account, there’s also the very real possibility that owners have overpaid for a vehicle which doesn’t comply with emissions regulations and that now needs to be fixed. It may also be the case that the fix itself has consequences to the fuel consumption and performance of your vehicle. If this is the case, we’ll bring a claim for those additional costs too.

Am I eligible to join the claim?

You may be eligible to take legal action and join the Mercedes diesel claim if your vehicle is manufactured by Mercedes and:

  • has a diesel engine
  • was made between 2008 and 2018
  • was acquired by way of lease or outright purchase, either new or second hand

Mercedes Emissions Scandal | Time For Action

815,000 Mercedes vehicles worldwide have been fitted with defeat devices, the KBA has found. Here our Gareth Pope explains how you can join the collective action if you've been affected.

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