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No Win, No Fee Amputation Compensation Claims

98% of our Personal Injury Claims are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is more commonly known as a No Win, No Fee agreement. This means there is no financial risk to you.

At Slater and Gordon we know that securing rehabilitation support at the earliest possible time after an amputation is crucial. We have helped hundreds of amputees and through our experience even when the future seems uncertain, we can help. 

Having helped everyday people who tragically suffered amputation due to a road traffic accident, work accident or medical negligence; our Serious Injury Solicitors completely understand the complications which amputees endure.

Wherever possible we will use the Rehabilitation Code to access early support to address the complications which can occur, such as Phantom Limb Pain or the psychological impact of losing a limb/limbs.

Our Serious Injury Solicitors work with you to understand your individual case, to identify your individual needs and the support required, and help you gain access to tailored rehabilitation so that you can return, as much as possible, to independent living.

Our many years of experience dealing with amputation compensation claims tells us that early rehabilitation can have an extremely positive impact on the lives of amputees. Our track record demonstrates that helping clients gain access to the best medical experts enables us to find the most appropriate rehabilitation regime for each individual.

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 Planning for the Future after an Amputation

With Slater and Gordon Lawyers on your side you have our team who are specialists in Compensation Protection Trusts. A Compensation Trust is a legal arrangement which protects your compensation award and enables you to continue to receive means tested benefits.  

We can provide you with assistance for life. Some of the key areas we can help you with during the life of your claim are:

•    Interim Payments for housing, aids and equipment, medical treatment, counselling, physiotherapy or prosthetics

•    Case Management: helping you set up the right support network

•    Buying a new home suitable for your needs and adapting it appropriately

•    Employment rehabilitation - advice on the Disability Discrimination Act & returning to work          

•    Equipment: medical aids including wheelchairs

•    Adaptations to your current transport, or buying new transport if necessary.

Amputation involving Trauma

Traumatic injury is the leading cause of amputation in people aged 50 and younger. Car accidents, severe burns and gun shot wounds are all likely causes of traumatic injury as the blood vessels and other body tissue components are ripped or shredded beyond repair by these types of injuries leaving no option other than amputation. Given that 57% of upper limb amputees are as a result of a traumatic event many amputees are at an increased risk of developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Amputation involving Diseases

Many different diseases can irreversibly destroy body tissues. In some cases earlier treatment can avoid amputation or lead to a lesser amputation. Most cases of amputations associated with blood clots involve clots of the arteries which prevent the flow of blood to tissues beyond the blockage causing the necrosis (tissue death).

Another cause is a venous thrombosis (DVT) which causes “blue leg” syndrome and without proper treatment can result in amputation. Some patients such as those with Diabetes and Neuropathy are particularly vulnerable to amputation. Their vulnerability should be identified by their healthcare professionals and all possible steps taken to avoid exposing them to the risks of amputation. Pressure sores should not occur but if they are allowed to develop post-surgery in patients who have suffered nerve death and cannot feel pain, patients with known circulation problems (peripheral arterial disease) who are not properly monitored, can result in amputation. 

Amputation involving Cancer

Cancer can lead to the need for an amputation to remove severely damaged body tissues and also to prevent malignant tumours spreading to other parts of the body. Synovial sarcoma is one such cancer. If there has been a delay in diagnosis and treatment of a cancer an avoidable amputation may result.

Congenital Amputation 

Some children are born with a missing limb. This is called congenital amputation and arises when within the womb blood flow to a developing limb is constricted via the bands of tissue. If antenatal scanning was not performed or reported properly a congenital amputation can give rise to compensation.

Advice for Amputees  

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are active supporters of the Limbless Association, an independent organisation that provides support for individuals without one or more limbs, their carers and prospective amputees. Fore details about the Limbless Association see

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are proud to be members of the Limbless Association’s Limb Loss Legal Panel. The Panel was created to provide members of the Limbless Association with the highest quality legal advice and has since been regionalised to ensure a local support provision.

You may also wish to contact:

The UK Limb Loss Information Centre an online resource for amputees and their families.

The Douglas Bader Foundation.

Call our No Win No Fee Solicitors on freephone 0800 916 9046 or start your claim online.

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