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Emma Wills


Helping and guiding clients through what may be the most difficult and challenging times in their lives is the most fulfilling part of family law.

Emma Wills

Get to know Emma

My journey with Slater and Gordon began in 2005. I have since gained knowledge in various areas of law. In 2015 I became a paralegal in our family department. The knowledge and expertise I have gained from our extremely talented family solicitors has been invaluable. My area of specialism is divorce.

Career highlights

I have had the opportunity to settle a number of difficult cases. The most rewarding are complex divorces whereby the respondent in the proceedings is untraceable. Many clients come to us years after a marital breakdown, at which point they may not know where their spouse is residing, and more often than not don’t have any contact with them. We can still assist clients in this situation and progress their divorce to Decree Absolute.

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