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Divorce is probably one of the most stressful life events you may have to deal with, and one that can have a long-term impact on your finances. Slater and Gordon are able to offer the expertise and support you need to get through your divorce whilst seeking the best possible financial outcome for you.

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Slater and Gordon's experienced divorce lawyers have the empathy and the expertise you need. Call us now on 0161 830 9632 or contact us online today and we will call you.

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How much will my divorce cost?

Getting divorced can be an expensive business, whether you are the petitioner or the respondent. Fixed court fees alone can be quite substantial, as we explain below.

Yet the greatest expense for many people when getting divorced can come from lawyers' fees, mainly in cases where the couple concerned are unable to reach an amicable agreement over issues such as child arrangements and the division of any assets.

At Slater and Gordon, our family law experts are committed to a divorce service that is as compassionate and cost-effective as we can make it. This means we will always advise you to keep things as amicable as possible, in order to avoid unnecessary conflict, stress and expense. However, we also have the experience to fully back you if your spouse is either unwilling to agree a fair settlement or is abusive.

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