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Proud sponsors of Cerebral Palsy Cymru's Build a Better Future appeal

Slater and Gordon is proud to sponsor Cerebral Palsy Cymru's Build A Better Future appeal in order to help raise funds for their family support suite. Read more here.

04 February 2022

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Slater and Gordon is proud to sponsor Cerebral Palsy Cymru in their Build A Better Future appeal to help raise funds for a family support suite in their new children's centre. The suite provides a dedicated, confidential and welcoming area for their Family Support Coordinator to meet with families who have been affected by this condition.

Cerebral Palsy Cymru are a leading cerebral palsy charity whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all children in Wales who are living with the condition and they provide specialist therapy for babies and children who have or are suspected of having cerebral palsy. They also provide a family service offering practical and emotional support to those who need it with a specialist team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

Principal lawyer, Julia Reynolds and head of medical negligence in Cardiff, Yvonne Agnew, have been big supporters of the charity and work closely with them. They were recently welcomed by Cerebral Palsy Cymru to look around their new children's centre and family support suite.

Julia said: "We have the absolute pleasure of supporting Cerebral Palsy Cymru and the fantastic work that they do. Not only do they provide life changing treatment, they also provide support to the families. In our work, we meet lots of families who are facing daily challenges to get the help and support that they need. An organisation like Cerebral Palsy Cymru, go above and beyond in their role of providing treatment that helps children with Cerebral Palsy reach milestones. They also recognise the wider picture and can really be a lifeline to the families. I have seen time and again the families whose lives have been changed by being supported by Cerebral Palsy Cymru. Glenys, their family liaison officer, is quite simply an inspiration of what can be achieved. We couldn’t have been more pleased when we got the chance to sponsor the room where Glenys can see all the families and offer her very unique blend of care and expertise. I cannot wait to see what the new centre and the new family liaison room can do for even more families."

Find out more about the sponsorship and the new family support suite here.

The content of this article was correct at the time of publication.

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