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How we can help

Among the most experienced and trusted divorce lawyers London has to offer, our team will explain the common aspects of the divorce process, as well as the legal terms you’re likely to come across. Based on an initial consultation, we’ll outline your options and help you to decide on the next steps to take. We know that emotions can run high during divorces and our solicitors pride themselves on offering a sensitive and compassionate service. Where possible, we’ll help you to avoid potentially stressful and costly litigation and enable you to achieve an outcome that’s in the best interests of you and your family.

Filing for divorce

You can’t apply for a divorce jointly. In order to get a legal separation from your spouse, one of you will need to petition the other. To do this, you must cite one of five official reasons for divorce. These are:

Adultery - when one partner has had a sexual relationship with another person of the opposite sex.

Unreasonable behaviour - when one partner is impossible to live with. This could be because of a range of behaviours, such as excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, gambling, violence, running up debts or failing to provide any financial support to the household.

Desertion - when one partner leaves the other against their wishes and moves out of the property. This must be for at least two years out of two and a half years in order to qualify as a reason for divorce.

Separation for at least two years - when partners have been separated for a minimum of two years, they can apply for a divorce as long as both of them agree to this.

Separation for at least five years - when partners have lived apart for at least five years, separation can be given as a reason even if one of them doesn’t agree.

If you need further information or advice about the reasons for divorce, don’t hesitate to contact our London divorce solicitors.

Applying for a decree nisi and decree absolute

When one spouse files for divorce, the other must decide whether to agree or disagree with the proceedings. If they disagree, they can choose to defend the divorce, which may result in a court hearing. They also have the option of filing their own divorce proceedings.

If you’ve received a petition from your spouse and aren’t sure how to respond, our family lawyers are on hand to discuss your options with you and help you decide on the best way forward.

Decree nisi

If your divorce isn’t being contested, or if a court hearing has been held in order to resolve a disagreement, the petitioner can apply for a document known as a decree nisi. This is a court order that states when the marriage will officially end if no good reason is given to prevent this from happening.

Decree absolute

After this, the final stage of the process is to apply for a decree absolute, which is the document that irreversibly ends your marriage.

Dividing your finances and assets

Often, the stumbling block in divorces comes when spouses need to reach an agreement about how their money and assets will be divided. This financial settlement has the potential to cause major tension and hostility if it’s not handled effectively. Fortunately, there is help at hand to get you through this process and to enable you to reach an agreement that both you and your spouse are satisfied with. Our skilled and experienced solicitors can help you and your ex-partner to come to a resolution, and if possible, we’ll enable you to do this while avoiding the expense and stress of litigation.

Highlighting our constructive approach to family law, many of our lawyers are members of Resolve, which is an organisation that exists to promote the use of mediation and negotiation to resolve divorce and other family issues.

Resolving children’s issues

Where children are involved in divorces, it’s essential that their needs are prioritised. Our team of London divorce lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with children’s issues and will offer the sensitive approach needed in these cases. We’re highly respected for the work we do in helping to resolve even the most complex divorce cases involving children. You can rest assured that our specialists will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your children and the rest of your family.

We can help with everything from child agreements, to financial support and maintenance, to child protection and children’s rights.

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We offer flexible pricing options including fixed fees for our divorce services in London, ensuring that you don’t experience any unwanted surprises when it comes to costs. As part of one of the country’s largest family law firms, our London team have a reputation for excellence. When you come to us for help with a legal separation from your spouse, you’ll benefit from the highest standards of service and expertise.

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