Slater and Gordon is acting for thousands of current and former owners of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda vehicles caught up in the VW Emissions Scandal (otherwise known as “Dieselgate”).

In March 2018 the High Court appointed Slater and Gordon as a Lead Solicitor with conduct of the overall litigation. Owners and former owners of affected vehicles now have until 26 October 2018 to join the claim.

Our specialist litigation teams are experienced in holding multinational corporations to account and are seeking compensation and justice for those who have been affected by the scandal.

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Around 1.2 million vehicles were fitted with the so called ‘defeat devices’ which are illegal under English and EU law and all owners of affected vehicles are potential claimants, regardless of whether they still have the car or have since sold it

We are acting on a No Win No Fee basis regardless of how many affected vehicles you own so you won’t pay our fees if you lose and you will only be required to make any payment if the claim is won or settles successfully.

What do you need to join the group action?

We are asking that those who are interested in holding VW to account for their actions and harm to the environment to appoint Slater and Gordon to represent them.  If you would like to join this action to get compensation and bring VW to justice please visit the VW Emissions Action Group site and fill out your information at VW Action website. Please note, you will need to do this even if you have previously registered your interest with Slater and Gordon for this action.

We need those who have been affected to complete an online sign-up process on the VW Emissions Action site.

Part of this will be agreeing to a number of documents which means that you give us the authority to act for you in this matter and also so you can provide us with some key information which the court will need in due course to confirm you have owned or currently own an affected vehicle.

There are many questions and with so many people affected we may not be able to answer your questions straight away. If you are not sure if you have been affected you can check here.

VW emissions overview

The German car giant has admitted cheating emissions tests in the US when it deliberately circumvented the clean air rules on diesel cars. The UK opened an investigation into the emissions issue. In Germany, prosecutors have launched an investigation into the former chief executive of Volkswagen as a result of the diesel emissions-rigging scandal.

Vehicle owners have therefore purchased cars which do not conform to the specifications advertised.

This has wide reaching environmental and financial implications for those people in the UK who bought cars in the belief that they complied with the emissions regulations when in fact compliance was only achieved with the use of an illegal ‘defeat device’ which cheated emissions tests.

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Can I Claim Against Volkswagen?

Anyone who purchased an affected vehicle prior to 1 January 2016, whether it was new or second hand can become a claimant. You can bring a claim if you have already sold the car; however, you will need proof of your previous ownership (including its VIN number). You can also bring a claim if you bought the car outright with cash, or financed it from Volkswagen Financial Services.

You can also bring a claim if you have had the vehicle ‘fixed’ by way of the on-going software update VW are carrying out.

We have a separate claim for those people who have purchased/leased vehicles in Scotland due to it being in a different legal jurisdiction.  If you are interested in instructing Slater and Gordon you may wish to contact our Edinburgh office on

Unfortunately, this Group Action is not available to those people who purchased their vehicles in Northern Ireland.

Joining the VW Emissions Action Group

To join this group action please sign up at the VW Emissions Action Site