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How new technology will revolutionise legal services

Chief Information Officer, Jon Grainger, explains how Slater and Gordon's new technology will revolutionise legal services.

28 May 2021

Expert profile of Jon Grainger
  • No matter what industry we operate in, we all have to be technology-led businesses to prosper in a highly competitive world
  • Consumer expectations are changing
  • Technology has a transformational role to plan in redressing the lack of accessibility to legal services in the UK

Innovation is always producing new ways of accessing services and opportunities to grow and reach more customers. Think of how Amazon came from obscurity to change online shopping, Netflix the entertainment industry, Uber how we travel. And now Slater and Gordon will change the way people access legal services with the launch of micase RTA, our first digital consumer RTA product to run on our miplatform.

Micase RTA, which goes live on Monday, provides services to help people with a personal injury claim following a road collision.

Micase RTA is a fully featured digital product in its own right aimed at the UK consumer market for personal injury, a secure and assessable interactive window into the consumer’s claim.

Progress, explanation videos and intuitive questionnaires enable easy application with what is traditionally a long telephone based service. Micase RTA enables the customer to complete their details at their pace and convenience and we have observed during our beta run this year back in January that many consumers take advantage of this being active during early/late or weekend slots. Micase RTA enables customers to access legal expertise from the palm of their hand, 24/7/365. It gives customers far greater control of their legal claim than ever before.

Micase RTA is the first to run on our new core S+G SaaS legal services on our miplatform.

We’ve been working for the past 18 months on a radically new platform which harnesses new technology to reshape the way people access legal services, bringing it into the 21st century and in line with the progress already made and proven in retail, entertainment and fintech.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution enables us to integrate our customer-facing services and intake seamlessly with our internal systems. We have done this so that the complex integrations and regulatory and compliance requirements are solutioned once, and then each digital product that runs on miplatform can rapidly take advantage of these features. Miplatform deploys a range of advanced and complex technology to achieve something simple; putting people with a legal need seamlessly in touch with our legal experts.

Mi is the technology enabling our strategy to create an expanding suit of digital consumer legal products that will provide consumers with a secure window into the legal services they need for life’s big events – from buying or selling a home, getting divorced, arranging a will.

It’s all about user experience and customer journey. During our beta testing back in January 2021 we focused on User Experience (UI and Customer Journey) with thousands of hours of work and millions of data points have gone into refining it. More than 18k customer interactions have been pored over – each anonymised mouse click analysed to refine and enhance the experience and we’ll soon be ready to open it up to the public. 

Our findings here have been built into miplatform so that all of our digital legal products will provide the same look and feel and provide a frictionless consumer experience.

We are pressing ahead now with our next phase of automation – using micro AI – the ability to make small decisions quickly, leaving the big decisions to our customers and our experts.

Our data and applied AI strategy is critical to this and is the output from a data programme we started in 2019. We will also be working with regulators and professional bodies to ensure our technology is at the forefront of wider development in the UK legal sector.

We believe in creative automaton that performs much of the process of doing law as possible – the mundane and time consuming elements, for the consumer and lawyer alike. In removing this friction we are removing the gap between our customer and their solution.

Miplatform will revolutionise the way people use legal services, opening up access to justice to millions more people by enabling a proliferation of digital legal service products of which micase RTA is our next to be released.

Jon Grainger, Chief Information Officer

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