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Jon Grainger Chief Information Officer

Experience Profile

Jon recently joined Slater and Gordon as the Chief Information Officer with the remit of all technology matters.

February 2020 marks the beginning of his fourth year in the legal sector and his second CIO Appointment at a law firm. He is passionate about unlocking the massive potential that technology has to positively disrupt traditional legal business models to provide a much better customer experience.

Prior to joining the legal sector, Jon spent two decades working in a fee earning capacity for some of the best global technology institutions. He has a particular interest in understanding the obstacles preventing most firms from transforming of the way legal services are delivered and consumed.

At Slater and Gordon, Jon has kicked off the 2020 technology strategy with the strap-line: “Work Anywhere, Automate Everything, Create” enabling us to provide the tools that will appeal to the modern professional services employee: removing repetitive and error prone tasks, obtaining insights from data that is simply not humanly possible and enabling our company to focus on legal strategy, tactics, advocacy and an outstanding consumer experience.

Jon says: "It’s great to be in a company that can also see the tremendous opportunities for positive disruption to deliver more value to our customers and to provide a unique space to practice law so that we can attract the very best talent and drive exponential growth for our shareholders.