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Raising a grievance at work is often both difficult and stressful. You have raised an issue you are unhappy about and it's very important to you that the matter is completely resolved.

However, you may also be concerned that by making a complaint you are potentially creating trouble for others, or that your employer will come to see you in a less favourable light as a result of your complaint. It's a highly delicate situation and not something anybody should take lightly.

The employment grievance process involves an official procedure and meetings can be formal or even intimidating to some employees. Often an employee can be left wondering whether this is what they really wanted to happen. It's not uncommon for what at first seemed like a relatively innocuous complaint through an email or letter, to escalate into a full-blown procedure that seems out of proportion to the person complaining. All you wanted was for the matter to be resolved, but now you find yourself in the spotlight and under pressure to justify yourself.

If you are involved in a grievance procedure at work we offer unmatched expertise and a unique service. We have an intimate understanding of your legal rights and the procedures involved in grievance hearings. If you need help with a grievance issue, our sensitive and informed approach to the matter will secure the best possible outcome for you.

Experience has taught us that employment hearings are extremely stressful. A grievance at work has the potential to ruin your job or even your career.

Although employees have the right to be accompanied by a Trade Union official or a colleague, many employees who are not members of trade unions face hearings alone and with no support, even though serious consequences can result, including dismissal.

If you are not a union member you may be accompanied by a colleague, but it can be hard to get a co-worker to back you in a dispute with your employer. You may not even be willing to ask a colleague for support out of concern of putting them in a difficult position.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers offer a unique service called Executive Reps, which provides you with an experienced union representative to accompany you to your hearing. Our Executive Reps can represent you and provide you with much-needed psychological support at a crucial time.

If you do not require representation at the hearing itself, our Employment Solicitors can provide expert legal advice and assistance before the grievance hearing.

For grievances this could include ensuring you understand the grievance procedure, drafting of the initial grievance, helping with preparation for the hearing, analysis of the grievance response and dealing with any appeal or subsequent tribunal claim.

The appointment of an Executive Rep is a show of strength which can turn the tables in your favour. It will help if any dispute arises over what was said and also allow you to adjourn the hearing and discuss any problems or concerns with your Executive Rep. It can also help in any later negotiations by demonstrating that you have expert support and are prepared for any grievance dispute.

Our Executive Rep service is especially useful to senior employees, where employers are less comfortable when the Executive is not alone in the hearing. Executives usually have much more at stake as a result of the disciplinary process, or for any employee who needs extra support. Getting the strategy right first time often pays dividends.

Legal Advice Guide to Grievance Procedures

Employment Solicitors at Slater and Gordon have written a legal advice guide to help you understand more about your legal rights in Grievance Procedures.

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