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Modern Slavery Act Statement 2023

This statement is made on behalf of Slater and Gordon UK Holdings Limited pursuant to Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“the Act”) and it constitutes our Modern Slavery Statement for all entities within the Slater and Gordon owned group of companies (“the group”).

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This statement is made on behalf of Slater and Gordon UK Holdings Limited pursuant to Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“the Act”) and it constitutes our Modern Slavery Statement for all entities within the Slater and Gordon owned group of companies (“the group”).

Slater and Gordon UK Holdings Limited have produced this group statement setting out how we will aim to prevent modern slavery not just in our qualifying companies (detailed below) but in all of our group companies by following the same principles. A group wide approach has been adopted to pro-actively manage and combat modern slavery.

Our Group wide Anti-Slavery Policy (the “Policy”) sets out our zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking and reflects our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships. Our Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains appropriate and up to date.

Slater and Gordon group is committed to identifying and understanding the risks of modern slavery and to ensuring that we are proactive in our approach to the prevention of modern slavery practices across the group and its various supply chains. We will endeavour to ensure that by a continuing programme of improved processes and training, all employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, and any other parties associated with the group will be safeguarded, treated fairly and with dignity.

Our business

The Slater and Gordon group comprises of a number of separately constituted and regulated legal entities predominantly providing legal services in England, Wales, and Scotland.

The financial year for all group companies runs from 1st January to 31st December and within the Group structure the following legal services and group management support service businesses, met the qualifying criteria under the Act.

  • Slater and Gordon UK Holdings Limited (10977311)
  • Slater and Gordon UK 1 Limited (07895497)
  • Slater and Gordon UK Limited, (07931918)

None of the other group owned and operated companies individually met the qualifying criteria for a Modern Slavery Statement, but our Policy applies to all group companies and are encompassed by this group statement.

Areas of risk and our approach

Our principal areas of risk across the Group remain unchanged and are supply chains and the recruitment of employees through recruitment agencies.

Supply chains

During 2022 we further embedded the implementation of mandatory clauses within relevant contracts we enter into with suppliers and commercial business partners, so that we ask all potential new suppliers or business partners to undertake, warrant and represent that neither they, their personnel, sub-contractors or any other member of their supply chain have committed an offence or are under investigation for an alleged MSA Offence and that they do confirm their compliance with the Act and the steps they specifically take to satisfy themselves that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any of their supply chains or any other part of their business.


To facilitate the recruitment of new employees into the group we use reputable recruitment agencies which are subject to a thorough verification process prior to their addition to our approved list of recruitment agencies. The contracts between the group and recruitment companies also have the aforesaid specific anti-slavery clauses contained within them. Whilst the recruitment of legal and other professional colleagues is assessed as being of minimal risk in terms of slavery or human trafficking, this is kept under continuous review to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the groups Anti-Slavery Policy

New colleagues who start are then subject to the required “right to work” checks.


Specific modern slavery awareness training is provided to all colleagues and not just those directly involved in the management of supply chains or the procurement of supplier services. This is intended to ensure that everyone has the requisite tools and knowledge to deal with any identified concerns. The most recent training was delivered to all employees in April 2023.

Incident reporting

All colleagues within the Group are responsible for the detection and reporting of any modern slavery practices.

Concerns or suspicions are to be reported either to the Group’s Legal, Data & Compliance teams or to the Human Resources team using our dedicated online portal, or by using our Whistleblowing Policy and Whistleblowing Procedure.

There have been no reports of modern slavery or human trafficking concerns made during 2021 or 2022.


This is our fourth annual Group statement. The preceding statement also covered the same qualifying group entities.

The main activities over the preceding 12 months have included the continuation of mandatory training not just to those employees who might be directly engaged with the risks of modern slavery but to every employee in the Group, including all new starters so that it is a requirement for all employees.

We have also continued with the review of supply chains to include specific procedures and protocols for the verification of new suppliers into Group businesses.

Where applicable all new supply contracts entered into by the business also now include modern slavery provisions.

During 2023 the Group will maintain our current levels of proactive activity to help eradicate any risk of modern slavery practices.

Monitoring and the delivery of systems and controls to ensure effective implementation of this Policy rest with our Legal, Supply and Human Resources teams who can be contacted for further information.

Board approved

The Modern Slavery Statement has been approved by the Board of Directors who will review and update it regularly.

Signed: Nils Stoesser – Director

Dated: 14th December 2023.

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