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Successful rhinoplasty compensation claim

14 November 2019

Our client was a full time model prior to her first consultation with a Harley Street cosmetic surgeon. Our client had been dissatisfied with the appearance of the tip of her nose, which she thought was slightly bulbous. At the consultation, our client discussed with the cosmetic surgeon the possibility of having surgery to the tip of her nose (a Rhinoplasty).

Our client decided she'd like to go through with the surgery and signed a consent form. She was seen for a pre-operative consultation where there was a full discussion about the surgery, its risks and plans for post-operative management.

After surgery when our client removed her cast, she was shocked and upset as her nose appeared very short and was turned up.

Our client was left with poor post-operative appearances in the form of an inverted ‘v’ deformity, a saddle deformity in the middle third of the nose, a wide nasal bridge with prominent nasal bones, shortening of the nose, and significantly differing shapes of both nostrils.

We obtained expert evidence and sent a letter of claim to the cosmetic surgeon. No response was received and we issued legal proceedings in the High Court. A defence was filed in which fault was denied. 

We exchanged witness statements and experts’ reports at a joint settlement meeting which took place shortly before the trial date. At the joint settlement meeting the Defendant’s insurance company agreed to pay a six figure sum in cosmetic surgery compensation to our client which represented damages for pain and suffering, future surgery costs and compensation for the impact on her career.

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