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Schooling disagreements

07 November 2019

A mother contacted our team to help arrange which school her daughter was to attend after the father unreasonably challenged her position.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor:

Aysha Chouhdary is a specialist Family and Shariah Law Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK. 

What happened: 

Lawyer Aysha Chouhdary advised and acted for the mother in relation to the issue of which school her child should attend.  

Aysha’s client had separated from her former partner many years ago but there continued to be a lot of acrimony between the parties especially as the client’s former partner was still bitter about the separation. 

How Aysha helped: 

There was a disagreement between the client and her former partner about which secondary school the child should attend. The partner had a say in the decision because he had parental responsibility jointly with the client. 

Aysha gathered information and documentation about the school such as School Inspection Report (Ofsted/Estyn) in order to try and obtain father’s consent Aysha’s aim was to try and minimise any further acrimony if that was at all possible. 

However, the father unreasonably withheld his agreement to the child attending the school preferred by motherAysha therefore made an application to the Court on behalf of her client for a Specific Issue Order and provided documentation to support mother’s application.  

Within the Court proceedings, the father continued to challenge the mother’s position but Aysha was able to persuade the Court that attendance at that specific school was in the child’s best interests. Aysha prepared a detailed statement on behalf of mother confirming that mother had considered “The Welfare Checklist” (which is a list of considerations to be taken into account when a Court has to make a decision about children).  


Aysha successfully represented the client within the Court proceedings and was able obtain a Specific Issue Order as sought by mother for the child to attend her preferred secondary school. Aysha was able to persuade the Court that the choice of school was in the best interests of the child. 

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