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No living relatives in an estate administration

07 November 2019

Mary Fielden of Manchester was a lively character who’ll be sadly missed by her neighbours and carers.  She never married or had children and when she died at the age of 97 she’d outlived her only sister and had no surviving family. 

Slater and Gordon Lawyer

Rachael Gooding is an associate solicitor in our Wills, Tax Trusts and Probate team in Manchester. 

What happened: 

Miss Fielden passed away with no living relatives at the age of 97 having appointed Slater and Gordon as sole executors of her estate.   

How Slater and Gordon helped: 

We arranged everything after Miss Fielden’s death in accordance with her wishes including registering the death, collecting her possessions from hospital, arranging and attending her funeral and scattering her ashes. 

We also dealt with her bank accounts, investments, arranged for her furniture and possessions to be donated to charity and took care of all her utility bills. 

We arranged for the estate to be distributed amongst the ten local and national charities Miss Fielden had specified in her will. 

Slater and Gordon routinely assist with estate administration where there’s no family or if the family are not able to be involved for any reason.  We’re always sensitive, respectful and efficient when dealing with estates.   

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