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Widow receives compensation for husband’s fatal airport injury

21 September 2017

The wife and daughter of an airline delivery worker who died following a fall at work have received a six-figure settlement.

What happened:  Our client’s husband was employed as a delivery driver for an airline. He slipped on a patch of ice in the airport yard and suffered a fractured leg.

Impact: Our client’s husband developed deep vein thrombosis following surgery, and died as a result of a pulmonary embolism.

How Slater and Gordon helped: We represented the family at a difficult and lengthy inquest and pursued a civil claim on the grounds of clinical negligence on the part of the NHS and breach of duty by the employer. The defendants denied liability throughout the course of the claim and court proceedings were issued.

Decision: A settlement of £325,000 was agreed at a joint settlement meeting and subsequently approved by the court.

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