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Mechanic secures five-figure settlement for severed hand at work

17 August 2017

A mechanical fitter pursued legal action against his employer to recover compensation when a faulty guard collapsed, trapping his left hand.

What happened: Our client was fitting a pipe assembly in an industrial printing machine. Due to a faulty latch securing the safety guard, it fell without warning, slamming down onto his left hand.

Impact: He sustained a large cut on his left hand, which severed the tendons to his index, middle and ring fingers and required surgery. He made a partial recovery, but lost strength in his hand. Our client also suffered from a constant ache even after physiotherapy.

How Slater and Gordon helped: We investigated the prospects of the claim for the client as his claim had already been started by another firm of solicitors local to him who then turned the case down once the client’s employer had denied liability. 

We obtained medical evidence from a hand surgeon and arranged for some specific hand physiotherapy on a private basis for our client, the costs of which were added to the claim. Court proceedings had to be issued as the client’s employer refused to make any offers to settle the claim and shortly before trial a five-figure settlement was agreed.

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