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Seven-Figure Settlement For Domestic Accident Injuries

08 December 2016

A householder was awarded a seven-figure settlement following a domestic accident when a contractor spilled fuel in their home.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Patricia Noone is a principal lawyer specialising in personal injury at Slater and Gordon in Manchester.

Settlement: Seven-figure settlement

What Happened:  Our client suffered severe burns and life changing injuries in a domestic accident when a contractor spilled fuel in their home.

Impact: The accident caused near fatal injuries and months of surgery and treatment at a national burns centre. Since returning home, our client has had on-going treatment and surgeries and has had to adjust to a very different life.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: We were able to secure an early admission of liability and obtain interim payments to put in place an expert case manager and regular therapies. Private surgery was funded to avoid prolonged waiting and advice was given at every stage to best maximise rehabilitation and independence.

Decision: It was possible to negotiate settlement at a relatively early stage given the clarity of medical opinion in relation to the future. A seven-figure settlement was awarded.

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