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Worker Awarded Four-Figure Settlement For Hand Injuries

29 November 2016

arm in sling

A worker was awarded a four-figure settlement following an accident at work that resulted in a loss of earnings due to a hand injury that left him unable to work.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Anne Thomas is a chartered legal executive at the Slater and Gordon Lawyers offices in Sheffield.

Settlement Value: £3,553

What Happened: Our client was carrying a wheel when his colleagues put it down without giving any notice or time to remove his hand, which became trapped.

Impact: Our client suffered injuries to his hand, for which had to undergo a course of physiotherapy to aid his recovery. He also sustained financial loss as a consequence of this accident. The injury was to his dominant hand, so it placed a significant level of restriction on his ability to carry out his daily activities.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: We obtained expert medical evidence and managed to secure an admission of liability from the defendant. We then entered negotiations with the defendant and were able to agree a settlement.

Decision: Settlement of £3,553.

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