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Five-Figure Compensation For Machinist’s Injuries

30 September 2016

worker working with factory machine

A machinist was awarded five-figure compensation after being injured in an accident at work when a screw hit him in the mouth.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Anne Thomas is a chartered legal executive at the Slater and Gordon Lawyers offices in Sheffield

Settlement Value: £13,000

What Happened: Our client, who was employed as a machinist, was helping to lift a heavy pallet. As the lift started, the metal lifting chain, without warning, became detached from the screw it was attached to and shot outwards and struck him in his mouth.

Impact: As a result of this he sustained injuries to his face and mouth, including damage to his front teeth, and had to undergo costly dental repair work. He also lost earnings due to not being fit for work.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: We secured an admission of liability from the defendant and obtained medical evidence, which confirmed our client’s injuries to his mouth, lip, eyebrow and teeth.

Decision: Settlement of £13,000.


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