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5 Figure Settlement Awarded for Ski Accident in Austria

27 January 2016

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A holidaymaker injured in an accident whilst skiing in Austria was awarded a settlement of £12,000 for damages following collision on a ski bridge.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer: Nicola Marshall is an associate personal injury lawyer at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester specialising in travel law.

Settlement: £12,000

What Happened: Our client was on a skiing holiday in Austria. She had just skied down a red piste and was poling across a ski bridge when the defendant collided with her.

Impact: Our client sustained a broken fibula and bruising in the mid area of the left lower leg, left upper arm and left foot. Her holiday was ruined, and she required medical treatment and rehabilitation to make a full recovery.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: We were able to help the client pursue a successful claim for compensation via the English courts by claiming the skier was negligent under Austrian law. This was more convenient for the client than pursuing the matter in Austria, and meant she could rely on English medical expert evidence.

Liability was admitted by the defendant's insurers and following court proceedings a successful outcome was agreed for the client.

Decision: The claim was settled in favour of our client and £12,000 compensation was agreed.

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