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Apprentice at Shipbuilders Exposed to Asbestos

03 November 2015

ship in shipyard

A joiner and carpenter apprentice at Harland and Woolf Ship Builders awarded damages for exposure to asbestos.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer: Edmund Young is a Principal Lawyer at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London.

Settlement: £320,000

What Happened: Our client started working for the Harland and Woolf Ship Builders initially as an office boy and then began an apprenticeship as a joiner working in North Woolwich.

Harland and Woolf went into liquidation and the apprenticeship was then transferred to the London Borough of Bexley. During that time our client made gaskets for the ships. The gaskets contained asbestos and our client would make between 40-50 gaskets per day.

He would also sweep up asbestos dust and debris after the pipefitter had finished working on board the ships. He would also help to fit white asbestos panel boards inside doors.

Our client was not provided with any protective clothing or a face mask, nor advised of the risks of exposure to asbestos during this period.

Impact: Our client was diagnosed with Mesothelioma.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: Slater and Gordon helped by bringing the defendant company to account for its wrong doing which occurred many years ago when our client served as an apprentice carpenter.

Although no level of compensation will compensate our client for his lost years due to the development of this most horrific of conditions, we were at least able to provide some financial security to his wife and family.

Decision: Damages of £320,000 were agreed.

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