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Settlement for Charity Cyclists Doored in France

21 September 2015

cyclists down country lane

Slater and Gordon Travel Litigation Lawyers were instructed by two cyclists injured whilst taking part in a charity bike ride in France.

Settlement Value: £16,000 and £17,000

What happened: The clients were in France for a charity bike ride and managed to raise £52,000 for Cystic Fibrosis. Both cyclists were ‘doored’ by the defendant's insured who opened their car door without looking.

Impact: The first claimant suffered a badly damaged jaw, three lacerations to the face, one tooth that had fallen out and at least two other damaged teeth. Our client also had a gash to his knee, which was through to the bone; cuts to his body and glass in the cuts, especially his arms and neck area. He also had pains in his back, severe bruising on both biceps and psychological injuries.

The second claimant suffered cracked ribs and whiplash. He also had bruising to his right leg, hip and arm, along with psychological injuries.

How Slater and Gordon helped: Slater and Gordon took on the case and sent a letter of claim to the UK Handling Agents for the appropriate French insurer. Slater and Gordon then took steps to ensure that the clients were medically examined by a range of experts, dealing with their various injuries.

Liability was admitted in the case and as French law applied, Slater and Gordon obtained the expert opinion of a French lawyer on the value of the claims, under French law. Court proceedings were issued in the UK and Slater and Gordon managed to negotiate settlement of both claimant's claims, just two days before the first court hearing in the case.

Decision: Settlement was agreed as the first claimant accepted the defendant’s fourth offer, for £16,000 and the second claimant accepted the defendant's third offer, for £17,000. The defendant will also have to pay Slater and Gordon’s costs.

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