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£295,000 for Man who Lost Three Fingers in Work Accident

17 August 2015

worker lying on floor with injury

A former groundworker received substantial compensation after losing three of his fingertips in a work accident.

Settlement value: £295,000

What happened: The man was helping a colleague install disabled ramps. Part of the job involved lifting paving slabs from a path – this had to be done by hand to keep the slabs in good condition.

His colleague was using a mechanical digger to dig a trench. Our client was standing a few feet away from the digger and wearing thick work gloves, but as he lifted one of the slabs the digger’s grading bucket slipped off a concrete kerb and severed three of his fingertips.

Impact: Our client was taken by ambulance to hospital in agony and had to be heavily sedated with morphine. When doctors removed his glove, our client was horrified to see that the ends of his three middle fingers had been sliced off.

Following an x-ray, he underwent surgery and although doctors were able to re-attach his middle fingertip they were unfortunately unable to save the other two.

Over the next few months, our client had to undergo several extremely painful physiotherapy sessions on his hand and found it incredibly upsetting that he couldn’t help his wife with feeding or bathing their children.

Our client now suffers permanent pain and numbness in his damaged right hand. Although his hand will never regain its former dexterity and he will never be able to do the kind of heavy physical work he previously enjoyed, he is back in full-time employment and is feeling positive about his future.

Decision: Slater and Gordon Work Accident Solicitors settled the claim on behalf of our client for £295,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

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