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£250,000 for Devastated Teenager after Foot Amputation

31 July 2015

london bus and telephone booth

A schoolgirl who tragically had to have her right foot amputated after it was crushed under the wheel of a bus has received £250,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: A Senior Associate at Slater and Gordon in London.

Settlement value: £250,000

What happened: Slater and Gordon's client had stepped onto a pedestrian crossing near her home when a bus suddenly appeared from around a bend and ran over her right foot.

She was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery to have her crushed toes fixed in place with wire. The next day she was transferred to another hospital where doctors amputated her fourth and fifth toes.

Over the following month, she had further surgery to remove part of her sole, but when doctors became aware that her big toe wasn’t getting enough blood they decided to amputate her foot below the ankle.

Impact: Over the next two years, the girl's family had to help every day with her daily commute to and from school and whenever she left the house. Whilst at home, because she found it so difficult and painful standing for any length of time, they also helped her with getting dressed and bathing and whenever she needed to carry anything around the house.

Throughout this time, her foot remained extremely sensitive and painful and she underwent extensive rehabilitation learning how to balance and walk again using a prosthetic foot.

The Slater and Gordon Solicitor said that although the teenage girl’s confidence was initially rocked and she struggled to deal with the massive psychological trauma her amputation caused her and all the invasive treatment she had to endure as a result, she has since shown incredible resilience in refusing to let her injury get the better of her. 

“Although she found it particularly distressing that she couldn’t participate in many of the things her friends and peers naturally took for granted,” said the Slater and Gordon Solicitor, “she must be commended for the considerable courage she has since shown in dealing with her pain and in constantly striving to live as normal and independent a life as possible.”

Decision: Although liability was never admitted, Slater and Gordon's Solicitor settled the claim on behalf of his client for £250,000.

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