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£19,000 in Personal Injury Professional Negligence Claim

10 June 2015

Jenny Keith helped a client reach a favourable outcome in a personal injury claim where another firm of solicitors had undersettled after failing to obtain sufficient evidence.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Jenny Keith is a Principal Professional Negligence Lawyer at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester.

Settlement Value: £19,000

What happened:

Jenny's client was severely injured in a road traffic collision when a car drove across the path of his motorcycle.

He instructed another firm of solicitors at the time to claim damages on his behalf. This firm obtained a copy of the Police Collision Report but failed to obtain the more detailed Police Collision Investigation Report, which contained details supplied by the Police Forensic Collision Investigator.

The front cover of the Police Collision Report made it clear that the Police Collision Investigation Report existed.

Impact: Liability was agreed on a 77.5/22.5% liability split basis in favour of the claimant on the basis of the Police Collision Report alone. Failing to obtain the Police Collision Investigation Report meant that liability was settled at a much less advantageous figure than it should have been.

How Jenny helped: Jenny was instructed by her client to take over his personal injury claim and, later, to bring a professional negligence claim against his former solicitor for not obtaining the correct evidence which was available at the time.

Decision: Jenny was successful in securing £19,000 compensation for her client to cover the financial loss he had incurred.

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