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Over £25,000 for Injured Farm Worker

21 April 2015

cattle feeder

Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Solicitor John Hutchings successfully settled a claim for a farm worker injured during the course of his employment.

John’s client sustained an open comminuted fracture of the shaft of his first metacarpal of his left thumb as a result of using farm machinery.

John’s client worked for a farmer who asked him to work on a feeding auger, a piece of farm machinery used for feeding cattle. John’s client was not provided any proper instruction for this process and, as he was removing the auger, he crushed his non-dominant left thumb.

Commenting on the case, John Hutchings said, “This was a complex case of whether my experienced client had taken sufficient care or whether he had been allowed to practice an unsafe system of work.

“This case was made more difficult due to the fact that there was not a clear employer/employee relationship. My client was just carrying out instructions and it was felt that the farm owner could have done more to have safeguarded his health and safety.”

John was successful in securing £27,500 compensation and he and his client are very pleased with the outcome.

John Hutchings is a Senior Personal Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK specialising in Accident at Work claims.

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