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£362,000 Compensation after Car Accident in Portugal

18 March 2015

Slater and Gordon Travel and International Litigation lawyer, Kieran Mitchell recently secured a £362,000 settlement on behalf of a property developer injured in a road traffic accident in Portugal.

Kieran's client was living an idyllic life in the Portuguese countryside with her partner. She had invested her savings into a property which she had intended to develop into a self-sufficient farm stay, providing home grown produce to the local expat community. At the same time, she and her partner would buy, develop and sell smaller properties, to fund the renovations and she would also undertake renovation work for other expats in the area.

Kieran's client was returning to her home one day when another vehicle turned across her path, attempting to turn into a side road. Kieran's client collided with that vehicle and was spun around, coming to a stop against the wall of a school. 

As a result of the accident abroad, Kieran's client suffered a serious ankle fracture which required the use of an external fixator and the transplantation of calf muscle around the ankle joint for stabilisation.

Kieran's client became disabled overnight and she was no longer able to undertake the manual work she was doing. With no source of income, Kieran's client contacted the other car driver's insurance company who offered her €18,000 in compensation. At that point, Kieran's client realised that she had to abandon her dream of running the farm in Portugal and she returned to the UK.

This case was complicated by the fact that, given the location of the accident, its value fell to be determined by Portuguese law. Nonetheless, following the commencement of proceedings and a number of medical assessments, Kieran succeeded in negotiating the £362,000 settlement with solicitors instructed by the Portuguese insurance company.

Kieran is delighted to have achieved such a significant settlement as this will allow his client the financial freedom to establish her own textile business, with which she hopes to become financially independent and no longer reliant on benefits.

Kieran Mitchell is a Personal Injury Lawyer at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK specialising in Travel and International Litigation.

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