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Divorce Solicitor Successfully Resolves Complex Divorce Proceedings

25 July 2013

Divorce Solicitor Kirsten Grotte successfully represented a husband in Court proceedings instigated by his ex wife in relation to resolving the finances in divorce and her application for interim maintenance.

The wife’s was requesting monthly maintenance of £2,000 per month, despite this only being slightly less than his monthly wage, as well as a claim to recover £4,000 of legal fees and a further claim for a lump sum to cover her future legal fees.

We believed this to be an unrealistic request and Kirsten & the client’s position was that there should be no claim for maintenance nor a claim for any lump sum to cover legal fees.

Kirsten picked up on the fact that the wife hadn’t maximised her income herself and still worked on a part time basis. This point was reiterated by the Judge during the proceeding.

The final order given by the Judge to our client was that he had to pay an additional £100 per month until the case was heard in full a month and a half later, so a significant decrease from £2,000 that the wife was seeking.

The Judge also ruled that the husband did not have to pay a lump sum to pay for the wife’s future legal fees and so this application by the wife was abandoned. Maintenance was ordered by the Court and so technically a costs order could be made by the Judge, the wife’s solicitor’s schedule of costs, amounting to around £4,000 compared to our costs of £1,500 was criticised and reduced by the Judge and the husband was ordered to pay £700, a fraction of the £4,000 initially set out.

The client was overjoyed by the outcome and by Kirsten’s work on the case.

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