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Personal Injury Solicitor Settles Slip & Fall Accident at Work Compensation Claim

03 September 2012

On the day of this work accident, our client had just started work when he walked into the back-up fridge and noticed that a stack of boxes had fallen off a pallet onto the ground. 

The duty general manager, Mark Foster, advised that he had asked his colleague Andy, to tidy up the fridge before he finished his shift. As the fridge had not been tidied, he asked our client to then tidy up the back-up fridge.

When our client lifted the boxes from the ground, he noticed that yogurt and cream had leaked onto the floor. When he went to mop up the spillage, he slipped on the yogurt which had been left on the floor. He fell forwards and landed on his left knee, sustaining an injury.

The employees on the previous shift were supposed to ensure that the back-up fridge was safe and tidy before the night shift start work. Had the employees on the late shift picked up the boxes and cleaned up the produce that they had knocked over; our client’s fall accident could have been avoided.

In this case our client was awarded £2,500 in personal injury compensation.