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Slip & Fall Back Injury Accident at Work Case Successfully Concluded

03 September 2012

In this Employers Liability compensation case our client was employed as a cleaner and worked part time, two days per week. 

At approximately 7.45am on the day of the accident, our client had just started her shift. She collected her cleaning utensils and then proceeded to make her way to the ladies’ toilet to start cleaning there.

She entered the ladies toilets and took approximately two to three steps before, all of a sudden, feeling her legs slip from under her. She fell backwards and landed heavily on the floor.

She immediately noticed a liquid on the floor and could smell a strong perfume smell. She was shocked and shaken and felt immediate pain in her back. She managed to pick herself up and went and reported the accident to her line manager. Her line manager inspected the toilet floor and confirmed that a wall mounted air freshener canister had leaked air freshener liquid onto the floor and it was clear that our client had slipped on this from the way that the liquid was spread on the floor.

Our client had not been into the ladies toilet previously that shift and was not aware of there being a spillage on the floor. There were no wet floor signs in place warning people that the air freshener had leaked.

Our client’s line manager recorded the incident in the work accident book. He cleaned up the spilled air freshener and also removed the canister from the wall following our client’s accident.

A claim was made against her employers and the providers of the air freshener. Liability was admitted by her employers. She sustained an injury to her back.

The Defendants made a low offer of £2,000 and as they would not increase from this offer, Court proceedings were issued. The work accident claim was settled for £4,000 compensation shortly thereafter.

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