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Forklift truck accident claim successful

25 June 2012

Our client was employed by Tesco Distribution Centre in Barlborough. He had to attend an eight week training course at the Tesco Distribution Centre in Daventry. On the night of the accident, our client was travelling on his lollop down a double width aisle. He parked his lollop on the right hand side of the aisle.

He then turned his body 90° to his right with the intention of stepping off his lollop to pick an item from his pick list when suddenly and without warning a forklift truck reversed into the forks on his lollop. The impact caused his body to move very quickly to the left hand side and back up to the upright position again. He sustained an injury to his lower back.

We understand that an investigation was carried out into the accident at work and the forklift truck driver was not allowed to drive the forklift truck after the accident. We do not know the name of the forklift truck driver but his name is on the accident report and he also provided a statement. We do know that the driver worked at the Distribution Centre in Daventry, he was not on a training course.

Liability was admitted. He did not visit his GP until 2 years after the accident but fortunately for him, his compensation claim was successful.