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An Asbestos Compensation Claim helped secure my future

13 April 2012

My husband David started an Asbestos Register for his fellow colleagues in the late 1970’s because he was devastated to learn of the dangers associated with their workplace, and the lack of care by their employers who knew of the risks. David helped many families cope with the devastating news that Mesothelioma had struck and was able to give families proof of employment, where, when and what they had been exposed to. Unfortunately for us Mesothelioma also struck our family, we were put in touch with Russell Jones & Walker Solicitors, who took on our claim for us. They were there for us at all times to give support, compassion and practical advice which was much appreciated. No amount of compensation will bring my husband back to his loving and caring family, but it has enabled me to continue living a decent lifestyle as my reduced pension was not enough to pay for all the help I now need - like gardeners, odd job men and doing all the things I now want to do around my home. Life is not easy without your loved one and we had been married nearly 49 years! I have pledged to help others cope with this devastating illness and continue to hold the Asbestos Register on behalf of my husband. I am extremely grateful to Russell Jones & Walker for taking on my case and for being there for me and my family at all times.