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Client receives £19,500 in compensation as a result of exposure to asbestos

16 November 2011

Our client was exposed to Asbestos as a result of his work cutting asbestos insulation boards with bandsaws. He was diagnosed with Asbestosis. He had a life expectancy of 4 years, reduced by one year on account of his asbestos condition.
A suitable provisional damages settlement would have been in the region of £16,000 according to Counsel. The Claimant was given the option of settling his claim on a full and final basis given his age, and he was advised that the value of his claim would be no more than £22,000 and could be as low as £15,000 on that basis.
Liability was admitted. Court Proceedings were served on account of the Defendants delay in concluding terms. Ultimately, the case settled prior to service of the Defence for a once and for all figure of £19,500.