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Persistent bullying gave rise to constructive unfair dismissal

08 March 2011

Our client took on a senior role at a bank which involved restructuring the department. She was met with resistance and hostility from those affected, and had little support from management.

Within six months, she was forced to file a report for bullying, as she felt both physically and verbally threatened. Eventually, she was relocated, but she then found herself bullied by a senior manager. Although our client had a thick skin having worked for many years in the industry, the demands placed on her were unreasonable and unacceptable. This culminated in a series of humiliating events which fundamentally undermined the relationship of trust and confidence between employer and employee.

We wrote to the employer advising them of our client’s legal position, and our intention to issue proceedings in the Employment Tribunal for constructive unfair dismissal. We managed to secure a significant settlement for our client without the need to pursue the claim.