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Individual made scapegoat for failings, pushed out of job

08 March 2011

We acted for an individual who managed projects for a building company. He inherited a badly negotiated budget, a difficult client and an inefficient team. He was made the scapegoat for failings which were outside his control and criticised for his dealings with a client with whom his superiors had also lost patience.

His employers began to build a case against him, which included reprimanding him for miscalculating figures which were generated using the employer’s software. His bosses had similarly made mistakes in the past and they were not disciplined. Whilst suspending our client, the company unearthed a further matter which they claimed amounted to gross misconduct. This was based on inaccurate information which could be substantiated by regulatory and witness evidence.

This case is a good example of how some employers try to push hard-working employees out of their jobs in order to cover up their own failings, or due to unrelated factors such as saving cost. A settlement was reached outside of the tribunal.