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Occupational Stress Claim Resolved for £150,000

31 January 2011

John Sturzaker, employment lawyer at RJW was handling a case for a prison officer, who was giving evidence in a whistleblowing case.  Following the resolution of the whistleblowing case, our client was subjected to a great level of hostility from colleagues in the prison she worked in.  Therefore she made the decision to move prisons.  The harassment did not stop there unfortunately meaning she was forced to complain to the governor, resulting in a 15 month investigation into the circumstances of her treatment.  An employment tribunal found that our client had been unfairly treated and she was awarded a total of over £30,000.At this point the case was passed over to Simon Allen, joint Head of the personal injury team at RJW.  A settlement offer of £92,000 which was made five weeks prior to the trial was rejected.  A settlement meeting took place between the defendant's legal representatives and RJW's expert personal injury solicitors.  Following this meeting an offer of £150,00 was made to settle the claim, which was accepted by our client.