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£50,000 Compensation After Catalogue of Errors

10 January 2011

An elderly man was admitted to hospital after a fall at home. He suffered a stroke shortly after his admission which left the entire right side of his body paralysed. His family were concerned that despite the man being at a high risk of developing pressure ulcers, he was not provided with a pressure relieving mattress. Subsequently, he developed a pressure sore on his right heel. After a further four weeks he had pressure sores on both heels. After the man had been discharged from hospital he was cared for by his family with help from district nurses. Unfortunately the pressure sores worsened over time to the point that he had to undergo an amputation of the right leg above the knee. Two months after surgery he sadly died. The family of the man made a clinical negligence claim following his death. Expert opinions which were obtained were highly critical of the nursing care our client received whilst at hospital. The hospital failed with a whole manner of issues whilst looking after our client, ranging from providing an adequate mattress to ensuring appropriate nutrition. It was also reported that the pressure sores had led to his early death. The claim was resolved by negotiation between the defendant and our expert medical negligence solicitors to the sum of £50,000.