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Implacably hostile mother opposed to contact

01 December 2010

We recently acted on behalf of a father who had separated from his partner and mother of their son, aged 2 years. Upon separation the mother withheld contact and raised numerous concerns regarding the father’s ability to care for the child.

After discussing matters with the father and making contact with the mother, it became apparent that these concerns were unfounded and following our involvement, arrangements for contact were agreed. Child maintenance was also agreed upon without the involvement of the Child Support Agency, which removed another point of conflict between the parents.

The mother would not progress this initial contact and seemingly put her own wishes and feelings before the child’s needs and welfare. She began to dictate contact and place restrictions upon the father. The mother was also adamant that she would not agree to overnight contact until the child was at least 8 years of age.

Court proceedings became necessary and following our application, the involvement of Cafcass and discussions with the court, a Defined Contact Order was made including provision for overnight contact.